Staying at Napoliamo B&B in the center of Naples helps you solve any problem of organization.

You can leave from here, from the holiday house Napoliamo and let yourself be guided by the right amount of curiosity that makes your journey unique.

If you enjoy strolling around ancient royal residences, you can walk towards the sea, we highly recommend going on foot, cross Piazza Municipio (City Hall Square) and you will encounter “Maschio Angioino” (Angevin Keep, often called “Castel Nuovo” (New Castle) the impressive castle founded by Charles of Anjou which now houses the City Museum dedicated to the Baroque, the Renaissance and to the 19th-century Neapolitan periods.

You will be enchanted by the beauty of the works of art specially made for “Castel Nuovo” by the best artists of the time called on by the various kings during the course of the centuries.
However, you will like even more the beautiful contrast between the ancient and modern that is expressed by the permanent works housed there and those of the temporary and travelling exhibitions and events held there. 

From Piazza Municipio, then, it’s just a short walk away to the very beautiful Royal Palace of Naples that you must absolutely not miss.

Built in 1600 for the Spanish royalty, it was later the home of the Bourbons throughout their reign and afterwards that of the Princes of Piedmont.

Visiting the Royal Palace will almost be like holding in your hands the beauty and the pomp of the capital of the independent kingdom which Naples was! 

In order to complete the visit of the royal residences, it won’t take you long to reach “Castel dell’Ovo” (Castle of the Egg).

This very old castle-fortress lies on a scenic islet and the whole area is particularly patronized by both Neapolitans and tourists.

Walking through “Borgo Marinari” (Fishermen’s District), you can sip a nice cup of coffee and admire the liveliness of life at sea thanks to the presence of the historical boating clubs which are based here.

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