Come and discover Naples and its squares!

Starting from “Napoliamo B&B”, in Corso Umberto, you will discover many of the diverse aspects of Naples!

A multifaceted city, often full of contradictions, Naples is capable of alternating the sacred with the profane, thus bringing forth a liveliness that is hard to find elsewhere.

Tales from others are not enough: At “Napoliamo Bed & Breakfast” you can spend your holidays and organize your time so that you can get to know this very special city thoroughly. 

You won’t have any trouble walking along streets that have witnessed numerous important and great events, arriving at squares that have been the setting of unprecedented historical events.

Always getting around on foot, from Napoliamo B&B you can start your journey through history right in Piazza Plebiscito which, founded by the Spanish, grew and grew over the centuries and during the various reigns, until it reached its present-day dimensions and its actual beauty as a meeting-place of the city ready to receive any kind of event, show or concert that the city often hosts.

Walking along Via Toledo arriving almost at the end of it, it is a must for you to stop and admire Piazza del Gesù. On this historical square there are two beautiful churches that are completely different from each other: the Church of the New Christ, Neapolitan Baroque in style, and the Monastery of Saint Claire, gothic in style, that houses the remains of the Bourbons. From there, it is possible to reach Piazza S. Domenico Maggiore.

Situated right in a strategic part of the historical center of Naples, it is dominated by the church with the same name, and it has monumental buildings all around it.

Very near the Sansevero Chapel, home to the famous “Veiled Christ”, from Piazza S. Domenico Maggiore you go down Via Mezzocannone to get back to the area around “Napoliamo B&B”, in Corso Umberto, so that you can then start off on another adventure!

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