Our most welcome guest, below you will find some rules that, if you observe them, will offer you punctual and high-quality service during your entire stay with us.These few rules, which we have called “regulations”, help us avoid any kind of misunderstanding with our guests, and for us are a sign of quality and professionalism.


Art. 1  Arrival
Art. 2  Departure
Art. 3  Breakfast
Art. 4  Rules of Conduct
Art. 5  Reservations and cancellations
Art. 6  Cleaning of rooms and bathrooms
Art. 7  Fees for damages


Napoliamo Guest House, before becoming a small tourist accommodation, was the historical residence of a Neapolitan family, and a house which witnessed at least four generations of that family living one after the other in it.

This is why we ask our guests, not customers, but guests, to show the same respect that they would generally show towards their own home or towards that of their friends and relatives.
The rules to follow, therefore, are not only those established by law, but, simply and perhaps above all, those dictated by common sense and by mutual respect.

1. Arrival

Since we are a small tourist accommodation, we do not have a 24-hour Reception service, as there is in a Hotel, and so when you book, we kindly ask you to indicate an approximate time of your arrival, communicating any significant variations of that time, whenever possible, so that we can guarantee the presence of our personnel to welcome you.

Upon arrival, every guest is required to give us a valid document of identification so that we can register him/her as requested by law. Not complying with this rule, as it constitutes a violation of the norms of the Penal Code, makes it impossible to accept people without a document of identification.
The standard time for Check-in is from 2pm to 7pm, but as mentioned above, it can also be varied due to the needs of our guests.

There are supplementary fees only for check-ins after 9pm.

The rooms are available from 2pm; if the room is ready before check-in time, it will be given immediately; otherwise, you can leave your luggage with us and start becoming familiar with the city.

Our guests’ personal information will be treated in conformance with the existing regulations regarding privacy.


On the day of departure, the rooms must be vacated not later than 10:30am so that they can be cleaned appropriately for the next guest. It is possible to leave your luggage with us until 6pm. If, on the other hand, you have to leave in the morning before 8 o’clock, please let us know the day before so that we can easily take care of your breakfast and check-out.

On the day of departure, you must hand in the key to the street door of the building, that of the front armored door to the apartment and the magnetic card used to get into the room. We want to remind you that losing any of these keys means that you will be charged a fee.


From 8am to 10am, “Napoliamo” offers its guests the characteristic Neapolitan breakfast that we call “Neapolitan Breakfast”.
Nevertheless, we would be glad to adapt our breakfast to the needs of our guests and so we will be happy to integrate it with the requirements that they provide us with upon arrival at our B&B.
It is possible to take advantage of our free room service for breakfast only in some of the rooms.


Any kind of behavior, activity, game or use of devices that might disturb other guests must be avoided at all times inside the B&B.
Children must always be accompanied by an adult, who will be considered responsible for the child’s behavior.

There must be no behavior at any time of the day that might disturb the tranquility of other people.
Please do not slam the doors but gently close them, and if you come back late at night, you are kindly requested to be especially careful not to disturb those who may already be sleeping.

It is absolutely forbidden to smoke anywhere inside the building.
Animals are not allowed.

Please do not throw anything other than the toilet paper provided by us into the toilet; there are wastebaskets in the bathroom and in the bedroom for any other trash that you may have.
We also wish to remind you not to put anything in the washbasins that might block the drains and damage the plumbing system. We warn you that you will be charged a fee for fixing any breakage or even only the blockage of the plumbing system due to your not obeying these simple rules of conduct. It is forbidden to bring anyone not registered with us into the rooms.



Requests for reservations can be made via email at info@napoliamo.net or by calling these telephone numbers: (+39) 331.5084896 or (+39) 081.5518110. The request will immediately be taken into consideration and, if there is a vacancy for the period you require, we will send you a formal confirmation via email with a confirmation reference number that you must show upon arrival at our B&B. Generally, we ask you to make an advance payment of 30% of the total amount due us via bank transfer; we will provide you with the bank account details for this payment via email. The remaining amount must be paid in cash or by credit card at the time of your arrival, or by bank transfer a few days before you arrive.

It is possible to cancel your reservation free of charge up to 10 days before your arrival, and your advance payment will be refunded except for the cost of refunding it. If however, the cancellation of the reservation is made less than ten days before your arrival, the advance payment will not be refunded.


During your stay, the rooms and the bathrooms will be cleaned every day.
For organizational reasons, cleaning is done between 10am and 12 noon unless a previous agreement has been made between management and guest. If the room is found to be occupied during that period of time, cleaning will be done the following day.

In order for us to carry out the cleaning of every room perfectly well, we ask you to kindly arrange your personal effects so that they are not in the way of the maids.
The management declines any responsibility for loss of, theft of or damage to your personal possessions left in the rooms or in the common areas.
A complete change of bed linen and towels is made upon arrival of each guest; every two days of the period of stay, there is a change of towels and every 3 days a change of bed linen.


The cost for the loss of the key to the street door of the building or of the magnetic card to the room is 15 euros.
The cost for the loss of the key to the armored door to the apartment is 75 euros.
The cost for fixing any damage to the plumbing system is subject to an expert’s appraisal.
Thank you for having chosen to lodge with us and we wish you a peaceful and enjoyable stay.

The Staff at
Napoliamo Guest House

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