The idea of NapoliAmo appeared unexpectedly.

As Totò used to say, happiness is made up of moments, moments of forgetting.
Some of these moments, however, are capable of transforming themselves into an infinity, managing to accompany you throughout your life.
Naples, too, is a moment.
A moment, and you are already in love with it, without even realizing it.
You’re in love head over heels, and you don’t even know it.
Naples, though, always manages to slip back into your mind, even when you leave, when you go back home.
Afterwards, you will feel Naples inside you, all of a sudden you’ll seem to glimpse it in the face of an ordinary person amongst a crowd of people, you’ll seem to feel it on your skin while contemplating a reflection in the sea, you’ll seem to hear the shouts of happy children as a ball bounces nearby. You’ll hear Naples in a single musical note, in a good cup of coffee or while you’re enjoying an extraordinary Margherita pizza.
And it will be then that you’ll realize you’ve been infected by Naples and that that moment, that instant you thought had ended there, had, instead, transformed itself into an infinity, fixing itself inside of you, and making you sense that strong feeling of wanting to go back there.

NapoliAmo is a new word full of meanings.

It is, plainly stated, a love for a city that embraces visitors from here, there and everywhere in the same way, and it welcomes them without deceiving them, but promising treasures and beauty which later, it will unfailingly reveal.

Or, in a more sophisticated way, it is the siren’s ability to play with words, often using its dialect that has by now become almost an international language, full of meanings, some of which are historical, and with sounds that in the blink of an eye become images.

The facility is located in a historical building in Naples, and the families who have lived there one after the other over the years are great, well-known Neapolitan families.

In this respect, NapoliAmo maintains the centuries-old tradition and does not betray it.

When you open the door, everything you see that has been renovated had to be renovated by force of circumstances. However, the true spirit of the building lies in what remains intact, renovated and brought back to a new life.

Nothing of yesterday has been lost: The past lives on in the present, just as the present lives on in the future.

The staff at Napoliamo Guest House are pleased to wish you, our most welcome guest, a wonderful stay in the marvelous city.

EXPLORE IT carefully because, in every little detail, will surprise you beyond your imagination;
TOUCH IT because you will feel that life is the tradition of those who live it lovingly and with dedication;
LIVE IT thoroughly, beyond your guided tour, because every destination has the right to be explored to its fullest;
HUG IT, because it does not know what gratitude is and whit will do all in its power to return every single bit of love that it receives;
LOVE IT because Naples was created with the sole purpose of exciting you.

The Staff of Napoliamo


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