Someone told you about the beauties of Naples and now you want to discover them by yourself?
It’s your first anniversary (or the seventh) and you want to give an important gift?
You are invited to a classic family ceremony and you need a quiet place to stay?
You are tied-up in a business meeting that is lasting too long and you think that it wouldn’t be a good idea to leave the same day?
You need to dive into a reality different from your own in order to satisfy your curiosity?

Don’t worry, can Bed & Breakfast Napoliamo solve all of your needs.

If you need a cozy place that renders you independent in your movements and in the managing of your schedule, Napoliamo is the holiday house in Naples which offers just the right solution for you!
If you prefer to stay at a Bed & Breakfast for a few days because you like to meet the landlord and the other guests, Napoliamo B&B is the right solution for you!
If you are looking for an accommodation that is among the best Bed & Breakfasts in Naples and is near the central train station, Napoliamo is absolutely the right solution for you!
Napoliamo enjoys an ideal position along one of the most important streets in Naples that allows all its guests to get around easily.
Located near the metro station “Università”, the holiday house Napoliamo, is the best solution for visiting and discovering Naples and its secrets! Walking a short distance, you can reach the university area and, from there, you can venture into the maze of streets that penetrates the historical center of one of the most visited cities in the world.

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