If you want to sleep in the center of Naples, “Napoliamo Bed & Breakfast” offers an interesteing variety of solutions.

Also becauseof its strategic position, in Corso Umberto, the holiday home “Napoliamo” makes it possible for its guests to choose from among various kinds of accommodation in order to satisfy their every need.

If you like the possibility of being independent in organizing yuor schedules and preparing your own meals, you can choose one of the mini-apartments that are different from each other only in their size since they have the same furnishings, facilities and the same comfortable, magical atmosphere that an expert renovation is able to provide. 

If on the other hand,you prefer to stay in a room knowing that, at a specific time, a nice breakfast will be served, the B&B Napoliamo in the center of Naples also offers you the possibility to choose the accommodation that best suits your needs and tastes.

Staying at the B&B Napoliamo and sleeping in the center of Naples gives you the chance to take advantage of the convenience of an accommodation in the heart of town without experiencing, however, the well-known consequences.
Traffic, noise, smog…. None of these things will disturb you at the “Bed & Breakfast Napoliamo”!

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